Can 2014 Forward Vic Law Help Change the Fate For the Northwestern Wildcats?

By Paul Seaver
David Banks-USA Today Sports

Two weeks have passed since newly appointed Northwestern Wildcats head coach Chris Collins landed his first marquee recruit in Illinois-native, Vic Law.

Collins, who took over the Northwestern program this past off-season, has wasted no time in reeling in a big name and some strong talent that the Wildcats can move forward with. Now, Law won’t be on campus until the start of the 2014-15 season, but nevertheless, there’s no doubt that Northwestern fans should be more than excited about this pick-up. Law is a top 75 prospect and an addition for the Wildcats that they are simply have not accustomed to.

Obviously college basketball fans across the country are well aware of Northwestern’s NCAA Tournament history — or lack thereof. The Wildcats have never qualified for the Big Dance and up until the recent conference realignment, they were the only power six conference member that has never made an NCAA Tournament.

Former head coach Bill Carmody had a few Northwestern squads that were barking at the bit, but the Wildcats could never break through. Collins however, might just be the perfect coach to buck this trend and create school history. Landing a prospect like Law is a huge, huge move forward in that exact direction.

Law is an in-state prospect and one of the best in the class of 2014 to boot. It’ll be interesting to see who else Collins can land from the senior-to-be class to join Law and boost expectations even more.

Law is in a position to potentially be the future face of a Northwestern squad that could eventually make school history under Collins’ guidance. That sounds like a pretty good gig.


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