UTEP Signee Isaac Hamilton Reportedly Wants to Play For USC Trojans; Should Tim Floyd Let Him?

By Paul Seaver
Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA Today Sports

The UTEP Miners have a dilemma on their hands and sadly enough, it deals directly with their top recruit, Isaac Hamilton.

Hamilton is a star and he is listed as the 14th best prospect within the class of 2013, according to Rivals. So with that being said, UTEP should do everything they can to keep Hamilton in El-Paso because simply put, they’re future could be on another level with him in a Miners’ uniform. However, recent reports have indicated that Hamilton has asked to be released from his National Letter of Intent and the L.A. Times is suggesting that it’s because he wants to play for the USC Trojans and newly-appointed head coach, Andy Enfield.

Long story short, this puts UTEP head man Tim Floyd in an odd position. Floyd did the work in recruiting and landing Hamilton and now that his freshman season is virtually on the horizon, it’s like a slap in the face that he wants out. Floyd should be upset, but will that affect his decision on whether or not he will release Hamilton from his NLI?

Some believe that recruits should be allowed to go wherever, but others completely disagree. It’s a tough situation either way. In addition to that, Floyd faces an interesting decision simply because of the school that Hamilton wants to go to — USC.

You see, Floyd is somewhat resurrecting his own career at UTEP and he used to be the head coach for the Trojans during a time when O.J. Mayo was in uniform. That didn’t end so well. In fact, it ended with violations and issues for the university.

This is a tough call for Floyd. Does he be Mr. Nice Guy and let Hamilton walk to a school where he used to coach? Or, does he buckle down and say no, you must honor your NLI to UTEP, we need you.

We will find out soon enough.


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