Watch Out For Xavier Musketeers' Semaj Christon In Upcoming Season

By Trevor Lowry
Xavier Musketeers
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Xavier Musketeers may not be getting a whole lot of buzz for the 2013-14 college basketball season, but there is still a lot to be excited about if you are a Musketeer fan.

One thing that fans should be raving about is Semaj Christon, who everyone should watch out for in the upcoming season. As a freshman, he led the team in scoring with 15.2 points per game and also averaged 2.9 rebounds per game and 4.6 assists per game.

Christon will clearly not be able to completely carry Xavier on his back, but he likely will not have to with many great players returning.

The one issue that this team will run into is the fact that it will be playing in the Big East. However, the Atlantic 10 Conference was very good last year.

There are many teams that are predicted to win the Big East over Xavier and rightfully so. The Musketeers are coming off of a season where they finished with a 17-14 record. That record shows that they were far from an NCAA tournament team, but that could change in the 2013-14 season.

Christon having an even bigger season would surely help with that. Whether the case, there is plenty that this team needs to work on during the offseason and adjusting to the Big East Conference will not be an easy feat.

Becoming a more effective shooter from behind the arc would be a huge plus for Christon, as he only shot 7-28 from deep range. Look for him to lead the team once again in scoring and for him to have an even better season.

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