How Can Arizona State Sun Devils’ Jahii Carson Satisfy Fans In Upcoming Season?

Jahii Carson

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Arizona State Sun Devils Jahii Carson had a monster freshman season last year. However, how can he satisfy fans in the 2013-14 college basketball season?

After having as big of a season as Carson had, it is probably hard not to disappoint in the very next season. Carson did average 18.5 points per game, 3.7 rebounds per game and 5.1 assists per game as a freshman. It doesn’t matter what year a player is because those numbers are great no matter who you are.

Averaging more points per game would be great in the upcoming season, but I doubt that would please fans more.

I think Carson needs to help lead Arizona State over some good opponents in the Pac-12 and I also think that Carson needs to help lead the Sun Devils to the NCAA tournament.

Who knows if he can do that all on his own, but the expectations for him in the upcoming season will be huge. He does have a lot of talent, so that should be expected.

Arizona State won 22 games last year and still did not dance. Who knows if it will in the 2013-14 season.

Winning Pac-12 Player of the Year would likely satisfy a lot of fans and would show Carson’s worth, but if he dashes off to the NBA without even leading his team to the tourney, then so what. Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to see that, but it is all about making the tournament. A deep run would also be nice.

I am sure beating that other Arizona (Wildcats) team would be a huge bonus as well.

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  • mermansteve

    Jahii Carson does not need to satisfy the fans. He will dazzle them and have another great season of points and assists. If the Sun Devils do not make post season play in the big dance, it will be because senior 7’2″Jordan Bachynski has not stepped up his scoring and rebounds as star center to go with his Pac-12 leading shot blocks; Jonathan Gilling has not had a career senior season of scoring from beyond the 3-point line; and the presence of newly available athletic transfers Edwards, Kearney, Tummala, and Marshall did not more than made up for the 25+ppg loss of defense and point production from Evan Gordon to Indiana and Carrick Felix to the NBA (Cleveland Cavs).