Where Will the Minnesota Golden Gophers Finish In the Big Ten In Upcoming Season?

By Trevor Lowry
Minnesota Golden Gophers
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

In case if you haven’t heard it enough, the Minnesota Golden Gophers could have a down year in the 2013-14 college basketball season. However, where will they finish in the Big Ten?

Not first, not second, not third, not fourth…and the list keeps going on and on.

Sorry, Golden Gophers fans, but your team will not be that good and I am predicting them to finish in eighth place. That may seem harsh to some, not crude enough to others and just right to everyone else out there.

However, when a team loses so much talent and gets a new head coach, not a whole lot should be expected from it in the upcoming season. Sure, Minnesota did make the dance last year, but it also finished with a Big Ten record of 8-10. That is cool and all if a team was not predicted to compete for a conference title.

Something tells me that finishing six games back in the conference standings is not competing. But still, Minnesota managed to beat UCLA in its first tourney game before getting embarrassed by the Florida Gators.

The Golden Gophers could easily finish right outside of the top five and they could finish ninth to 10th place. Whether the case, this team will rely on Andre and Austin Hollins to lead this team.

Minnesota was a much better team on paper entering last season and we all saw how that ended for it. It could be kind of scary in the 2013-14 season, but we shall see. The Golden Gophers are not going to win a Big Ten title, though. If they do, you can gladly go back to this article and do some laughing. Until then, eighth place is where I am predicting this team to finish–could change once the season actually starts.

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