North Carolina: P.J. Hairston Deserves More Than Suspension

By brianlewis
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The University of North Carolina has called the suspension of star men’s basketball player, P.J. Hairston as “indefinite”. That’s probably another way of saying, “nothing to see here, go away” as Hairston’s legal issues mount. In this summer alone, he has been involved in three speeding violations, along with possession of marijuana and driving without a license. Sure, we can just sweep that under the rug as well. If anyone in North Carolina cannot wake up and smell the coffee with me, they need some counseling. This is a cancer to your program and will only continue to fester and spread its disease as it grows into a much bigger problem.

Head Coach Roy Williams announced the suspension on Sunday night after learning Hairston was cited for going over 90 mph in a 65 mph zone. Labeling the suspension as “indefinite” will only put more heat on the program. Despite enough legal issues to fill a rap sheet, Hairston has yet to receive nothing more than a slap on the wrist. I personally can’t blame Duke and North Carolina State fans for banding together and insisting The White House investigate UNC athletics. I wouldn’t mind taking a peek inside their brains as well, but I would probably get lost in all of the empty matter.

Driving on a suspended license? Cleared. Possession of marijuana? Cleared. Accused of receiving benefits? Cleared. All that is left is the three speeding tickets Hairston has racked up with three different vehicles. Sunday, Hairston was caught speeding in a 2008 Acura. The previous two vehicles were rentals, connected with Haydn “Fats” Thomas. Thomas is a convicted felon himself who is connected with drug and gun charges unrelated to Hairston. Even though Hairston is all but innocent in the eyes of the law, he still leaves behind a very dirty trail.

Here is my personal advice to the University of North Carolina. Not only should you remove the “indefinite” tag from Hairston’s suspension, you should probably kick him off the team. If his character is any representation of North Carolina‘s virtues and values, there needs to be some serious soul searching going on in Chapel Hill. Set an example to other student-athletes by showing them they are not invincible to severe punishment in your program. Till then, I will only see these matters as a not-so-clever cover up to protect a star basketball player.

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