P.J. Hairston: Heading Down a Road of Self-Destruction

By Reece Helms
Peter Casey-USA Today Sports

All seemed pretty well in Chapel Hill, star P.J. Hairston had charges dropped against him, and it looked like he might turn out OK. Well, that ended up not being the case. On Sunday, Hairston was cited for driving 93 mph in a 65-mph zone. That isn’t a speeding ticket boys and girls, that’s nearly 30 mph over the speed limit.

While doing this, not only was he hurting himself and the entire North Carolina Tar Heels program, he was most importantly hurting everyone around him. Driving 93 in a 65-mph zone isn’t exactly a safe method of driving. It’s reckless and careless driving, along with the massive breakage of the limit.

Immediately after the news broke, UNC suspended Hairston indefinitely, and rightfully so. Combine this with the marijuana charges that were eventually dropped, and the rental car issue, ol’ head coach Roy Williams has had enough.

Unless Hairston can look in the mirror and change himself before its too late, he is heading down a very dangerous road, a road of self-destruction. If he keeps this up, what NBA team would take a chance on him? A guy that can’t behave off the court and has self-control issues isn’t something teams like about their players. Not only is Hairston hurting the UNC program and everyone around him, he’s hurting himself, and before he knows it, he’ll be scrambling to find a basketball team to play for, and it won’t be North Carolina.

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