What Are the Chances That the Virginia Cavaliers Win the ACC?

By Trevor Lowry
Virginia Cavaliers
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Many fans probably just want the Virginia Cavaliers to make the 2014 NCAA Tournament, but what are the chances that they win the ACC in the 2013-14 college basketball season?

How about not very good.

Virginia will be returning plenty of talent and it could be a surprise team in the upcoming season. A team should never be counted out of the conference before the season even starts and before conference play even starts. Unfortunately, I am going against myself and I am already counting out the Cavaliers.

Syracuse. Notre Dame. Duke. North Carolina. Those four are very good teams just about every single year in college hoops. Three out of four of those programs are consistently ranked in the top 10.

I love the underdog just like everyone else, but underdogs don’t usually win a conference title. However, Virginia could make the dance and have a deep run. That is a completely different story.

Winning a conference means having a better conference record than anyone else in your conference–just in case if you didn’t already know that. That is a very tough feat even for teams like the Blue Devils.

Just look at last season. Miami came out of nowhere and took the conference by storm. Sure, Virginia could do the same thing next year. It really could. The chances of that actually happening do not bode well for the Cavaliers and more than likely Duke, North Carolina or Syracuse will win the ACC.

However, that is why the games are played, so maybe, just maybe, the Cavaliers will prove me wrong by taking the conference by storm.

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