James Michael McAdoo Needs to Step Up and Lead North Carolina

By Anthony Lenahan
James Michael McAdoo
Bob Donnan-USA Today Sports

James Michael McAdoo was supposed to be the star player on a young North Carolina team last season, but as a sophomore he didn’t live up to the expectations. He was the third best player for the Tar Heels last season behind Reggie Bullock and P.J. Hairston.

With both Hairston and McAdoo passing on the NBA draft this year, they planned on combining to be a deadly force. With Bullock gone to the NBA, the load was left to those two, but Hairston decided to do stupid things over and over this summer and get himself suspended for possibly the entire season.

That means one thing and one thing only for McAdoo: He is going to have to lead this team like he was supposed to last year. One difference is he will have a lot smaller supporting cast this season.

He will be moving back to his traditional position at the four this season so that should give him a confidence boost to start. As a big man, 44 percent shooting isn’t going to cut it. His mid-range game needs to improve as does his free throw shooting and his ability to finish in traffic. With improvement in those areas, his field goal percentage will go up and that means his point production will also increase.

McAdoo needs to be a better player next season for both his basketball future and also his team. His teams needs him more than they ever have before, and he needs to step up and be the leader and player he is capable of being.

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