Roy Williams Active, Offers Multiple 2015 Recruits

By Anthony Lenahan
Roy Williams
Bob Donnan-USA Today Sports

Roy Williams went on an offer spree Tuesday night as he handed out three scholarships to three different players who are part of the 2015 recruiting class.

It is always good to get a head start on recruiting the talented players of the future, and that is what Williams was able to do.

Brandon Ingram is a standout player from Kinston, North Carolina, and Reggie Bullock has to be smiling because that is the same exact school Coach Williams recruited him from.

Luke Kennard is a talented guard who was also offered to play at North Carolina by Williams. Kennard is a typical Williams guard recruit from Ohio who would fit great in Carolina’s system.

P.J. Dozier was the third player offered by Williams Tuesday night. Dozier is a guard from South Carolina who grew up a Tar Heel fan. It’d be hard to imagine that has changed, and if it hasn’t, I have a good feeling Dozier will jump right on that offer.

North Carolina basketball is one of the greatest college programs ever, and Roy Williams feels these three kids have the talent to keep it that way in the upcoming years.

Williams is one of the best coaches when it comes to guard play, and it is great to see him jump on an opportunity to offer two of the best in their class.  All he can do now is just prove to these three studs why UNC is the best program in the nation and get them to go there.

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