Florida Gators Offer One-Handed Player Preferred Walk-On Spot

By brianlewis
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The University of Florida looks to challenge their SEC rival Kentucky for the top spot in the conference. Both teams will be playing at a high level this season with some key returnees, recruits and transfers.

Both of these powerhouse programs have seen their fair share of success in the last century. Not since Arkansas in 1994 has another team from the SEC won a national title other than Kentucky or Florida. Both programs have great coaches, and great recruiting tactics to get the best players from around the country. The Gators have their eyes on a little known recruit from Alpharetta, GA.

Zach Hodskins is known as a 3-point shooting phenom. He is a YouTube sensation with his deadly 60 percent accuracy from long range. If someone shoots that well from beyond the arc, the recruit would never have a mailbox big enough to hold all of the offers from college programs wanting his services. While Hodskins’ mailbox is not overflowing, he has received a high major offer from the Florida Gators.

Billy Donovan is used to bringing in top recruits every year during his time in Gainesville. With just one great recruiting class in 2006, Donovan racked up two straight national championships before they all left for the NBA.

His latest recruit is a little different than all the rest, as Hodskins remarkably shoots his high 60% from three-point range with just one hand. This is not a sympathy offer, however, because the kid can really play. Hodskins has been offered a preferred walk-on spot, meaning he is guaranteed to be on the roster, but has to pay his own way through school.

While Kentucky has not expressed interest, someone may want to ring John Calipari‘s office and tell him about this kid. Hodskins really likes Kentucky. He used his Twitter account to make this later-deleted statement:

“Great to hear I was a subject today on @KySportsRadio. I’m Kentucky grown. Go UK.”

Kentucky and Florida have been synonymous with being the best teams in the SEC for a long while. The Wildcats and Gators have growing rivalry with each other due to their teams being so successful and having to share the same conference. While they battle on the basketball court, the coaches battle for some of the same recruits.

If Kentucky expresses interest in adding Hodskins, the rivalry will only pick up steam. Regardless of where he goes, Hodskins is already an inspiration for anyone with a disability.

Brian Lewis is an SEC Basketball Writer for RantSports.com. You can add him to your network on Google for more of his work.

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