Which Duke Blue Devils Game Will Get the Most Buzz In Upcoming Season?

Duke Blue Devils

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The Duke Blue Devils will once again play some of the best teams in college basketball in their non-conference schedule. However, which game will get the most buzz in the 2013-14 season?

Duke is set to play the Michigan Wolverines and the UCLA Bruins. It also might play Arizona in the NIT Season Tip-Off. It is the game against the Kansas Jayhawks that will create the most buzz, though.

Kansas should be a top five team entering the season thanks to Andrew Wiggins joining the team. Duke will not be too shabby either and should be ranked in the top 10 to tip-off the year. That alone will make this a great matchup to see. Plus, it is the Blue Devils and the Jayhawks going head-to-head–two storied programs to say the least.

However, the storyline that could get the most attention in this game is the two best freshmen in the country facing off. Wiggins for Kansas and Jabari Parker for Duke. According to ESPN, Wiggins is the No. 1 recruit for the 2013 class and Parker is No. 2.

It is not every season that the two highest ranked recruits go head-to-head in a regular season game. Although winning this one will only be worth bragging rights and a possible chance at a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament, it will still be a great matchup between two of the best teams in college hoops.

It is important to note that although both Duke and Kansas are receiving a lot of hype, the Jayhawks will be losing their entire starting five and the Blue Devils will be without their top three leading scorers from last year. So I am sure both are hoping that their incoming players will make a big impact. With that in mind, Duke does have a lot of talent returning.

Should be a great game regardless and you can bet that this one will receive the most buzz in the upcoming season.

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  • mrshowoff84

    It will be a great showdown. But my Duke boys will prevail. We dominant the non conference games and u can believe Mr. Parker is gonna put on a show for his hometown, not to mention coach k will be returning to his hometown!. It should be close early but look for Duke to pull away with ease. Too much firepower…..good luck tho jahawks….

    • Chad Reitmayer

      Are you kidding? Its going to be one heck of a game. TOO MUCH FIRE POWER LOL! KU has ben labeled the deepest team in the NCAA. They too have a loaded roster, at the 5 they have the 2013 #1 ranked center Embiid, a second year McDonnalds all american Ellis at the 4, the overall 2013 #1 ranked recruit Wiggins at the 3, a 5 star McDonnalds all american Selden at the 2, and Tharpe a 4 star Junior as the floor general a quality bench if they need fresh legs and 3 deep in most positions. This is not going to be easy for your Duke boys. I think KU puts Duke on blast as an overrated team with no interior defence (Shortage of quality bigs)! KU by 10pts.

  • mrshowoff84

    My friend I love a challenge. Yall can ask kentucky how we handled their bigs last year at the classic. ….by raining 3′s from the parking lot. Were running and gunning this year. Not gonna see many half court sets. So unless ur bigs can run its gonna be a long night. Kansas is ridiculously talented but very young as well thats key…I.cant wait…

    • Chad Reitmayer

      Come on UK was out in the first round of the NIT! Beating them last year was not some major accomplishment! I think this game will be a lot of fun and I am glad they are continuing the ESPN Champions Classic. No reason to compare rosters or stats but if you want to see some real impressive shooting check out Conner Frankamps 3pt competition that bests any NBA/NCAA on video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR7hxqIVQXI! KU should be able to make it rain from deep! With all the double teams Wiggins will draw he should get some assists too passing out to Conner!

  • mrshowoff84

    I agree. I love these games early in the year.Never heard of Conner. Is he a freshmen?? I dont see him as a starter. I guess he will be coming off the bench for u guys. Andre Dawkins will be our sixth man off the bench. Should be fun…