Future Is Looking Bright For Seton Hall Pirates

By Trevor Lowry
Seton Hall Pirates
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The Seton Hall Pirates were not a good basketball team last season and who knows how they will do in the 2013-14 college basketball season. However, the future is looking bright for this program.

Seton Hall is putting together a solid 2014 recruiting class. It already includes one five-star, one four-star and two three-stars, according to ESPN.

The five-star recruit is Isaiah Whitehead, who is ranked No. 20 in the class of 2014 (according to ESPN), while the four-star is Angel Delgado, who is ranked No. 45 in the class of 2013 (also according to ESPN).

If these two players meet expectations–getting some pretty high ones–Seton Hall may compete in the Big East next year. That is saying a lot since this team only won three games in conference play last season.

These two players alone would make the Pirates that much better and I am sure a player or two from this year’s team will be returning for the 2014-15 season as well or at least I would hope so for the sake of this program.

Seton Hall should focus on getting better this year and not finishing Big East play with 15 losses, but it is hard to not look towards the future with such a good recruiting class already set to join the team.

Four-star recruit Jaren Sina joining the team for the 2013-14 season was already big news. Assuming he returns, this could be a pretty good team in college hoops in just one season. However, this is just based off of expectations because it is not like any of these players have played a game in college hoops yet.

Still, the future for Seton Hall is very exciting.

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