Who Will Lead the VCU Rams In Scoring?

By Trevor Lowry

The VCU Rams will be returning a bunch of talent in the 2013-14 college basketball season, but who will lead the team in scoring?

Treveon Graham or Juvonte Reddic? Take your pick. Those were the two highest scorers on VCU last season and the same should be the case in the upcoming one.

Graham led the team in scoring. He put up 15.1 points per game and Reddic averaged 14.6 points per game. As you can see, they were pretty close to each other in that department.

It is Reddic who stepped up in the NCAA tournament, though. The dance may have only lasted two games for the Rams, but Reddic managed to average 18.5 points per game, while Graham only averaged 8.5 points per game.

I am sure that Graham will put up similar numbers to what he actually averaged on the season, but it is still important to note who stepped up on the biggest stage in college hoops.

It is really hard to predict which player will average more in the upcoming season, but I am going with Reddic just for the fact that he did have a much better outing in the dance.

Regardless, both players should have great seasons and both players should help the Rams make the tourney once again. VCU is going to be stacked in the upcoming season and this could be its best season yet.

However, a little friendly competition between teammates is never a bad thing and I am sure Reddic and Graham will put up similar numbers when it comes to putting the ball into the hoop.

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