Missouri Tigers Should Use NCAA Sanctions as an Excuse to Replace Frank Haith

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Frank Haith, the head coach of the Missouri Tigers, has been handed down a five game suspension by the NCAA for his role in a scandal with his old team, the Miami Hurricanes. The light punishment came as a shock to many, because, as head coach, there was no way he was unaware of the violations. The Tigers should use this suspension as an excuse to hire someone new, because Missouri is going nowhere under Haith’s leadership.

Haith just hasn’t been able to find his footing with the Tigers. In his two seasons with Missouri, he has had two teams that should have been dominant or at least put up a fight in NCAA tournament, but instead they floundered. The first was a 30–4 team with a No. 2 seed in the NCAA tournament that lost to No. 15 seeded Norfolk State in the first round. The second year he had a 23–10 record and lost to the Colorado State Rams in the first round. These results are unacceptable for teams with that much talent, so part of the blame must be put on the coach.

On top of that, there should be good coaches available next season if they were to fire Haith and give an assistant coach the interim position.

I firmly believe that, unless the Memphis Tigers go to the Final Four in 2014, they will fire head coach Josh Pastner in favor of ex-Tennessee Volunteers head coach Bruce Pearl who is coming off of a coaching suspension by the NCAA. Pastner would be the perfect fit for a Missouri team that struggles getting top recruits. His connection with Memphis, as well as his ability to turn young squads into top NCAA teams, would greatly help the Tigers start winning again.

Haith is a good coach, but he’s not going to be successful with Missouri. The Tigers should get rid of him while they can or they might find themselves on the outside looking into the 2014 NCAA tournament.

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  • lc116235

    Taylor; I don’t know what you have been smoking, but we are not going to get rid of Coach Pastner…Secondly; we don’t want no ut sick orange reject and cheater for our program…And stop acting like you have some power trying to determine where and what coach a school should and shouldn’t have…

    You are just another pencil pusher and a delusional one at that…My goodness, where do these sites get these people…I guess to qualify to write…all one has to have is a body temperature 98.6% degrees…Pitiful conjecture…

    • Taylor Sturm

      The point was less to say that Josh Pastner was a bad coach, because he’s not. It was more to say that Missouri should go after Pastner because he’s not winning anything major at Memphis. Pastner is a young coach and, if he doesn’t win anything soon, he’s not going to stick around. College basketball programs are notorious for getting rid of good coaches because their fans think that they are better than their team actually is — look at UCLA. Josh Pastner is one of the best upcoming coaches in the country, but Memphis wants results now, and I could totally see them firing him if the Tigers have a bad year.

  • Randall Williamson

    Nah, If he doesn’t make a Sweet 16 this season with the talent and experience he has, he may need to worry. Pearl just might be the next Memphis coach. If he hits the Sweet 16, he will have a lot of pressure off his back.
    I know it may seem Memphis has high expectations, especially with coaches’ hyperbole playing into it, but ask any Memphis fan and you will find the same expectations when asked realistically. Sweet 16, anything more is icing on the cake, anything less is disappointing. We hope for more, but don’t “expect” it.

    I will also support hiring Pearl if Pastner cannot get this team to the Sweet 16. Pearl is a great basketball coach. With the talent he can recruit at Memphis he will be making deep runs regularly.