Andrew Wiggins' Admittance About Future Signifies Problem With College Basketball

By Ryan Wenzell

Andrew Wiggins has declared himself a one and done player as a Kansas Jayhawk. Recently, in a sit down with ESPN the magazine he said he would enjoy his final year in school and looks forward to going No. 1 in the draft.

This does not sound like a player that is focused on college. It is widely speculated that Wiggins is a near lock to go No. 1 in next year’s loaded 2014 draft class. Regardless, he would be wise to focus on the here and now in college basketball. It is a huge step up from high school where gifted athletes like Wiggins can simply beat teams with their pure athleticism. Physicality and defense is amped up.

Instead, it seems like Wiggins is already focused on the pros nearly a year away from the draft, and this is what the sport of college basketball is trying to avoid. To me the one and done rule is just silly. Either let these kids come to the pros right out of high school if they feel ready or make them get an education. It’s bad for the sport of college basketball all around. That’s especially true when athletes know from jump street that they are only going to be in school for one season.

Wiggins is a monster talent — one that comes along once in a generation. At times he acts like it too. This is one of those instances and it probably won’t endear him to both his teammates and his peers in college. The hype machine around Wiggins has already been running for weeks, and this only adds fuels to the engine. Will this kid be all he is expected to be?

It’s possible, but it seems like the expectations are already weighing on him as he has supposedly not been all that impressive in scrimmage and exhibition games with teammate Wayne Selden outshining him.

When the lights come on I still see Wiggins flourishing and being the front-runner for player of the year. Apparently, all that is is an afterthought to Wiggins. He has one thing on his mind already — the NBA.

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