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5 Burning Questions For Kansas Jayhawks Basketball

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5 Burning Questions For Kansas Jayhawks Basketball

5 Burning Questions For Kansas Jayhawks Basketball
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The Kansas Jayhawks basketball program is ready to kick off its most anticipated season in recent memory. Despite a sustained run of success for Bill Self and the Jayhawks over the last decade, what they’ve lacked is a transcendent star that grabs national headlines. With the addition of Andrew Wiggins this year, they will have no trouble getting everyone’s attention.

Wiggins, one of the most talented freshmen to come into college basketball in a long time, immediately vaults Kansas into any national title conversations. We’ve seen plenty of freshman come into college basketball with considerable hype in the past, but the ceiling for Wiggins is completely nonexistent. When you’re getting comparisons to all-time great Kansas recruits like Wilt Chamberlain and Danny Manning, you know the expectations are as high as they can possibly get.

But can Wiggins and the rest of the Jayhawks live up to those lofty expectations this season? They have several glaring question marks. If they can’t find answers to these five burning questions, they will join the long line of talented, young teams that just couldn’t fulfill their extraordinary potential.

Kansas is the heavy favorite to win, or at least have a share of its 10th straight Big 12 championship. But that won’t be enough this year. If the Jayhawks don’t make a Final Four run this spring, the season will be considered a failure, especially since their core players are likely to be playing in the pros this time next year.

It’s going to be an interesting season for Kansas basketball this year for sure. If they want to consider this year a success, they’re going to need to find answers to these five questions.

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5. Are They Too Young?

Too Young
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The Jayhawks will start three freshmen and a sophomore. That means they have plenty of talent, but it also means they have a serious lack of experience. We’ve seen young teams be successful before, but we’ve seen young teams melt on the pressure of big-time college basketball before too.

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4. Is The Defense Championship-Ready?

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Offense is the easier side of the court for a young team to have success. Wiggins will be one of the forwards, and fellow five-star freshman Joel Embiid will anchor the defense at center, with sophomore Perry Ellis at the other forward spot. If those three can’t lock down the defense, Kansas will have a hard time simply outscoring the better teams.

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3. Who Will Run The Point?

Run The Point
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Point guard is so important in college basketball, especially for a young team that needs leadership. The good news is that Kansas has a junior, Naadir Tharpe, running the show. The reviews are mixed on whether Tharpe can lead the team to a title, but at the very least, they have experience at the position they need it the most.

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2. Can They Gel Quickly Enough?

Gel Quickly
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Remember last year when we were all certain that the super team Kentucky put together would run away with the national title? Well, it turns out that you can’t always just put the best talent on the floor and win. The Jayhawks will need to learn how to play with each other, and quickly, for them to stay at the top this season.

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1. Can Andrew Wiggins Live Up To The Hype?

Andrew Wiggins
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Wiggins may be the most talented freshman to walk onto a college basketball court in years, but there are reasonable questions to be asked about his game. Some have already voiced concerns over his tendency to float through games with a lack of urgency. If he asserts himself as the best player on the court, which he will be every time he puts on his uniform, then the Jayhawks will be one of the toughest teams to beat this year.