Andrew Wiggins Makes AP Preseason All-America Team, But Will He Meet Expectations?

By Trevor Lowry
Kansas Jayhawks
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It was announced today that Andrew Wiggins was selected to AP’s preseason All-America team. This should surprise no one as he is the most talked about player entering the 2013-14 college basketball season. However, will he meet expectations?

At this point I do not even think that is possible. Andrew Wiggins could average 18-20 points per game this season. Other freshmen have done that before. He could lead his team to a national championship. Other freshmen have done that as well and I am looking right at you Anthony Davis.

Wiggins is being compared to LeBron James. LeBron James, people. He hasn’t even played a regular season game and he already has so much pressure on him.

I am not sure what would qualify as meeting expectations for Wiggins, but I hope we will get to see it. Maybe scoring 25 points per game, Kansas going undefeated during the regular season and then winning a national title would do the trick. That is not going to happen, though. The Jayhawks are not going to go undefeated and I doubt Wiggins will put up those kinds of numbers. A national title is not out of the question, so at least there is that.

If Duke beats Kansas on Nov. 12 and if Jabari Parker outshines Wiggins, then what happens? Will we think Wiggins is a bust? I sure hope not.

Whether the case, Wiggins is a preseason All-American. The word “preseason” should be highlighted here. That word means nothing more than hype.

I doubt it will be possible for Wiggins to meet expectations, but I am sure he will be a very entertaining player to watch regardless. I am sure Kansas will be one of the top teams in college hoops and I am sure Wiggins will at least be a top five draft pick this summer. Instead of expecting to see the greatest player who has ever played the sport, I am just going to sit back and enjoy Wiggins’ one season in college basketball, because I am sure that is all we will get to see.

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