Can The Louisville Cardinals' Kevin Ware Be The Same Player Again?

By Carter Roane
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Ware of the Louisville Cardinals was recently cleared to be able to fully participate in practice for this upcoming season. That is amazing news for Ware and Louisville fans, considering the last time that we saw him on a basketball court back in March, he had suffered one of the most gruesome injuries that you will ever see. It looked as if he could potentially not be playing basketball for a very long time, if ever again.

Now, the question is, will Ware be back to the player that he was before? Louisville’s coach Rick Pitino has said that in the beginning of the season, Ware will be more of a role player, probably to ease him into the rotation and build him back up to be ready for game action. That may be a smart move, but I wonder if Ware is going to be a little nervous getting back into games, considering the severity of his injury.

Take a look at Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins, for example. Yes, it is a different sport and Griffin’s injury was not as extreme, but it did seem to make him a little hesitant to use the running game that he is known for. Ware’s leg is going to take a lot of pounding on the court. Will he be nervous putting weight on it coming down from a rebound? Is his leg now more susceptible to breaking again? Sam Bowie was a former basketball player who, once he broke his leg the first time, seemed to break it again and again, and it ended his career very prematurely.

Ware is definitely an emotional leader on that team, and he was extremely determined to come back this season and be as good as new. Sometimes, the heart and mind can win over the body ,and Ware seems to have the personality to beat the odds and come back as the same quality player. Making him a role player to start the season is definitely a good move for the good of Ware and his future.

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