Indiana Hoosiers: Overrated or Underrated Entering 2013-14 Season?

Indiana Hoosiers

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Indiana was one of the best teams in college hoops last year. Who knows if that will be the case this year, but the team has a lot to prove early on. Whether the case, are the Hoosiers overrated or underrated entering the 2013-14 college basketball season?

I would have to go with overrated. This is a team that loses four starters. Four very good starters at that. It brings back Yogi Ferrell and Will Sheehey. Both could go off this season, but that remains to be seen.

Indiana is overrated in the top 25 and it is overrated in the Big Ten.

The Hoosiers were ranked No. 24 in the USA Today Coaches Poll. In no way is that a high ranking, but there are so many teams that could have been ranked over them. Tennessee brings back way more talent and would make a deep run if the NCAA tournament started today. The same thing can be said about the Colorado Buffaloes. However, both were left out of the rankings.

Indiana is nowhere near the favorite in the Big Ten, but it is being predicted to finish higher in the standings than Iowa. The Hawkeyes could be the biggest sleeper in the conference and they shouldn’t be. They made it to the NIT championship game last season and have a bunch of players coming back. Iowa should be getting a lot more respect entering the year.

Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State are all much better than Indiana. Can the Hoosiers really compete with those three teams this season? I guess we will find out. Indiana does have a lot of time to grow as a team before Big 10 play starts.

The expectations for this team are great, but just like the Kentucky Wildcats or an Andrew Wiggins led Kansas team, let’s just wait and see how they perform on the court before we jump to major conclusions. Unfortunately, I have found myself doing that a time or two.

Indiana is a different story, though, because it is less talented than it was last season. I will agree that players like Noah Vonleh could have an immediate impact, but who knows how big of an impact that will be.

We don’t know if Ferrell will take his game to a whole new level in his sophomore season and we don’t know how Sheehey will perform when he is called upon to lead this team.

The Hoosiers are not being predicted to win the Big Ten or a national title, but there are much better teams in college hoops entering the season. Indiana is a little overrated, but I guess it does have its fair share of talent. Still, there are a bunch of teams that are more worthy of a top 25 ranking.

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