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Point Guard Dez Wells Is The Leader Of The Maryland Terrapins

Dez Wells 32

Mark Dolejs- USA TODAY Sports

Maryland Terrapins‘ point guard Dez Wells has been a shining star for the team ever since he transferred from the Xavier Musketeers last year. From the day he stepped on the court for the Terrapins, he has always been vocal, and always the guy to try to get others going to keep others on his level.

Wells led the Terps in points per game with 13.1 in the 2012-13 season, and in minutes with 28.6 per game. Wells is an NBA talent. He slashes through the paint, and uses his body to make contact in the lane to create a free-throw opportunity. It’s those kind of traits that can rub off on his fellow teammates, especially at shooting guard and point guard.

Whenever the Terps tried to make a run during a game, Wells was in the center of it by always trying to rally his teammates by yelling and getting the home crowd into it. It’s almost as if he was with the Terps his whole life.

Now that Wells is a point guard, we get to see why leadership comes so easy for him.

“It’s just natural,” Wells noted via Washington Post. “Just want to settle things down. I kind of have the alpha male mentality or attitude. When things aren’t going right, I try to grab control of things, settle things down, or look to coach. Last year, we had younger guys. Sometimes they’d go a little wild. Even me. I would always grab the ball, say go ahead, look to coach and ask what he wants us to run.”

It’s the right move in my opinion for Wells to be the point guard. The Terps have a young team, and a lot of the players on the roster looking back at the 2012-13 season were unsure of themselves when they had the ball. But Wells has no problems with that.

Even when Wells makes a mistake, he is willing to look at all angles to correct them. The Terps need more people like him.


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