Duke Blue Devils Forward Jabari Parker's Electric All Around Performance Spoiled By Andrew Wiggins' Late Heroics

By Dave Daniels

Jabari Parker was the most electric player in the building last night. There is no point denying it, and though there very well could have been ten lottery picks in the amazing college basketball double header last night it must be noted that Parker was by far the most impressive. He helped his Duke Blue Devils to a two point first half lead, but it felt like it should have been bigger with Parker shooting four of five from downtown. Ultimately he fouled out trying to stop a dunk by Andrew Wiggins, which put the last nail in the coffin. Was lucky enough to be filming when the play happened, and though you cannot see it super up close in this shot (due my camera’s lack of zoom), but what I love is how the Kansas Jayhawk heavy crowd explodes after the dunk.

The Champions Classic was my first big time college basketball game that I’ve ever attended (strange to admit that) but just feel like I should be up front about that. Super Bowl Media week, the Gatorade awards the last two summers, and NHSI in April gave me a pretty good feel for how to handle events like these but have to admit I was like a kid before Christmas on this one.

Duke’s head coach Mike Krzyzewski said after the game seemed quite pleased with his team’s effort after the game, and he was particularly impressed with how his young forward handled the attention.

“It’s remarkable that a kid who is 18, in his second game, can come in here, come to his hometown and play against Kansas and he was sensational,” Coach K said after the game. “Imagine the emotion that you use. He wasn’t just worn out toward the end because of the way the game was played, he was emotion-ed out. He was terrific. That’s how you grow. He handled everything really well.”

If you weren’t keeping track there, Coach K just made up a new word (emotion-ed), which made perfect sense given the situation and what he was trying to convey and the coach is right. It is amazing that Parker at such a young age has the composure to bring it on a national stage like he did last night

Also, if you did not check out Michael Wilbon’s piece then just check it out because it puts mine to shame and it shows what you can do with your talent if you devote decades of dedication to it.

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