Julius Randle Dominant in Kentucky Loss To Michigan State

By Ryan Wenzell

Julius Randle is a man. Randle was relentless, especially in the second half as he asserted his dominance in the post. The Michigan State Spartans could do nothing to stop the big fella despite sending double- and triple-teams in the low post. Randle was simply unstoppable.

The lefty star become the first player since Michael Beasley to put up at least 20 points and 10 boards in his first three games. Talk about exploding onto the scene. When matched up 1-on-1 with, Adreian Payne I couldn’t tell who was the freshman and who was the senior.

The problem with the Kentucky Wildcats last night was the rest of the crew. They are a young team that’s new to playing with one another, and it showed especially in the first half. One thing Randle will also have to work on is his right hand. When the Spartans forced him right, he tended to turn the ball over. Randle turned it over seven times on the evening.

Still, once the Wildcats got their act together, they started to dominate — but by then, it was too late. What ended up killing the Wildcats was free throw shooting. They missed 16 of them and it ended up being their demise.

Wildcat fans should not be too worried though. This team is still going a long, long way. They feature probably the most stacked team in the history of college basketball, and Randle is also a major contender for National Player of the Year.

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