Kansas Jayhawks Andrew Wiggins Fouls Out Jabari Parker at Champions Classic for Resounding Victory

By Dave Daniels

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much talent in 2 college basketball games as I saw last night in Chicago.” –Magic Johnson


Johnson wrote the above on facebook today, and it is simply amazing to me that he would write that especially considering he played against Larry Bird in a college game once. This was a double-header for the ages, and it may end up going down as one of the best regular season college basketball games in history.

“I think this is going to be an unbelievable year in college basketball,” Kansas Jayhawks head coach Bill Self said after the game. “There are more hyped players, an unbelievable freshmen class and there appears to be the potential to have more great teams than what we’ve had in the past.”

You can really feel the palpable excitement around college basketball this season, and it will only continue to build until we crown a champ in April. Something tells me that you will be seeing at least one of the teams we saw last night back on an even bigger stage.

If you missed out on Andrew Wiggins’ gem of a dunk be sure to check that out below.

Also, just a little bit of unintentional comedy brought to you by the KissCam last night.

Thanks for reading folks. The Champions Classic was an amazing night of basketball that I will remember for the rest of my life. There were 25 NBA GMs at the game amid other amazing people like Johnson, Jalen Rose, and others. It was definitely a pinch my self kind of night, but will keep on giving my fans the good stuff.

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