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5 Reasons Why Jabari Parker Will Be No. 1 over Andrew Wiggins

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5 Reasons Jabari Parker will be No. 1

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This past week has to be one of my all-time favorites next to Christmas, March Madness and the week after Halloween or Easter when all of the candy is 75 percent off. It is of course the week when we see such wonders as the Champions Classic and a period of almost never ending college basketball. It’s almost like other sports cease to exist for a time. Sorry soccer/futbol playoffs, I’ll catch the highlights.

The last few years hasn’t delivered much in the way of an A-list draft class, but this year that is a thing of the past. The two frontrunners for the No. 1 seat in the draft? Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker. The hype that surrounds these two talented athletes makes me forget that they are fresh out of high school, and almost four years younger than myself. They already receive the media attention of a seasoned athlete.

These two are each uniquely talented and have had the opportunity to meet up out on the court prior to the Kansas vs. Duke matchup Tuesday night. With all the hype that surrounds these two athletes I think it is time to cut through to the core of who will be the No. 1 draft pick in 2014.

To me, the answer is as clear as your decision to watch College Basketball over soccer. While Wiggins is impressive and has a promising career ahead of him, it is Parker that is No. 1.

There are critics to both sides of this argument, but let me say my stance is not one of bias. I grew up with a strong distaste for the Duke Blue Devils, but I find myself rooting for them and hoping Parker will lead them to greatness.

Jabari has been on the radar for a little bit longer, but all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, in strolled Wiggins. It is not hard to understand why, but there are several clear cut reasons as to why Parker deserves the title of No. 1, when it comes to discussing the NBA 2014 draft class.

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5. Parker plays at 100%, 100% of the time

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Something I have noticed in my research on Parker is that he is not only dedicated to the game on the court, he is dedicated off the court. Parker is one of those players who we know what t expect from him and he always delivers. He gives 100 percent of his talent and energy into every game. That is not something that I can say with confidence about too many athletes. He reminds me of Michael Jordan, in the sense that his passion for the game is almost inspiring. Inspiring to the point where I almost feel like I could go out and dunk a ball if I wanted to. You see passion and drive in his play, and that is something that is unique and promising about Parker.

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4. Parker is in Control of his Game

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Parker may have lost the matchup between his Blue Devils and Wiggins’ Jay Hawks, but in my mind and in the evidence of the game statistics, Jabari Parker was in clear control of that game. This is something that seems to be more than just a coincidence of his style of play. He gets a hold of that ball, and its like he stays with it the entire game. He is a force to be reckoned with when he comes face to face with his opponents. While winning can be important, it is not all there is to the game of basketball.

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3. Parker has a Fluid Game

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There are few athletes that I find myself fixated on their game to the point of noticing that my mouth is gaping open in a way that clearly showcases how impressed I am by their talent. Parker is one of those athletes. His game is so smooth. It is almost as if his game has no beginning and no end. He is one with the game and the game has obviously taken a liking to him as well.

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2. Parker is Versatile

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Jabari has been cited as the best player fresh out of high school since the King, Lebron James, himself. Now, for me, this is hard to admit as I am a loyal Chicago fan and despise all that is the Miami Heat. But even I cannot deny the greatness of James. Parker has that same greatness. What's even better is that Parker’s game is all over the place -- in a good way. The best way I can describe it is that he almost becomes the game; he handles the ball like a guard, lands threes from beyond the arc like it is nothing and still drives hard to the net to jam on unsuspecting opponents and fans alike. Parker’s versatility in his game makes him amusing to watch. He has a little bit of work to do defensively. But as far as I’m concerned, that is even beginning to take shape in fine form. His ability to learn and adapt will continue to help him on his quest to NBA greatness, but will also shepherd him in as the No. 1 pick in the draft.

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1. Parker is a Team Player

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I think it is of the utmost importance for an athlete who is headed into the professional realm of sports to have a level head and to be all about the team as opposed to all about him or herself. Every single thing I have read about Jabari Parker over the last few weeks has detailed to some extent on how great of a guy he is. One account I read talked of how the media was waiting to interview him after a game, but Parker never appeared. Turns out, he had left the locker room and had headed back out to the court to be the waterboy for the JV game that was taking place. It is a tough time to find someone with talent to spare who does not have his head in the clouds. Jabari is such a young athlete who is not only a great all-around guy, but is humble to boot. To have that much talent, and know the upward trajectory his career is taking and will soon take can no doubt be overwhelming to a young star, Parker continues to be humble and keep that level head. To me, that warrants the utmost level of respect and grants him, in combination with the aforementioned topics, the No. 1 seat in the NBA draft.