Duke Blue Devils Get Massive Injection of Talent With Addition of Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor

By Kris Hughes
Duke Scores Jones and Okafor

As if Mike Krzyzewski’s squad wasn’t already talented enough, the Duke Blue Devils earned a massive injection of talent this afternoon as two of the country’s top players in the 2014 recruiting class announced their intention to make Durham their home in 2014. The slick Apple Valley, Minnesota point guard Tyus Jones and dominant big man from the Windy City, Jahlil Okafor, are ACC-bound.

It became a foregone conclusion over the course of the past few days that Jones and Okafor were a tandem deal, a package deal. Where one would commit the other would as well. Some question lingered whether the Kansas Jayhawks or Kentucky Wildcats were still in the mix, but with the duo’s decision to attend Duke, the Blue Devils faithful are surely as exhilarated as they have been in some time.

Although it’s a long shot, should dynamic freshman Jabari Parker decide to play one more season in Durham, the trio of Parker, Jones and Okafor would be as dynamic as anything college basketball has seen in years, if not a decade. I’m always hesitant to throw the dynasty word around, but if these three played a few years together, it’s certainly not unreasonable to assume a couple of championships could be well within their collective reach.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the nature of college basketball and the NBA in a time where most premier collegiate players only go to school for a year because the NBA forces them to and there’s no real intention to develop a team over the course of time, but rather pad stat lines and increase draft stock so there’s more money to be made on draft day.

Regardless, Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor will be the big men on campus in Durham next fall regardless of who their teammates turn out to be. Scoring both guys is yet another recruiting victory for Coach K who seems to collect as many of them as he does accolades from the coaching community, his current players, and former players alike.

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