Is Big Ten the Best Conference in College Basketball?

By Michael Terrill
Is Big Ten the Best Conference in College Basketball
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The Associated Press released its Top 25 NCAA men’s basketball rankings for the week of Nov. 18, which sees the Michigan State Spartans at the No. 1 spot. With the Spartans’ big win over former No. 1 Kentucky Wildcats last week and other Big Ten teams dominating in the first few games of the season, is it safe to say that the Big Ten is the best conference in college basketball?

Michigan State, Ohio State Buckeyes (No. 8), Wisconsin Badgers (No. 12) and Michigan Wolverines (No. 14) are all in the top 25. Not to mention, nine out of the 12 schools in the conference are undefeated with at least three wins.

More importantly, with the exception of Michigan, the Big Ten’s ranked schools beat some decent competition to claim spots in the top 15. Ohio State overcame No. 17 Marquette Golden Eagles, Wisconsin defeated No. 11 Florida Gators and Michigan State took out Kentucky, as I already mentioned.

The other teams in the conference didn’t exactly play stiff competition. Nonetheless, there is no other conference besides the Big Ten that has as many undefeated teams.

Even though the season is still very young and upset losses are bound to happen, it’s safe to say that the Big Ten should remain a powerhouse from now until the NCAA tournament. The Spartans have an incredibly talented team that is loaded with experience, and this makes them a favorite to remain in the top spot for quite some time or at least until they have to play another team from their conference.

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