Does Kevin Ware Deserve Suspension After Reckless Driving?

By Jack Dooley
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville Cardinals junior guard Kevin Ware playing in a limited capacity in Louisville’s 87-48 victory against Hartford Tuesday evening. Ware has been a hot-button topic since his devastating leg injury in the NCAA tournament in March. Nov. 7 he made a miraculous return. While these two dates are big, Oct. 26 could be the day that will be horse-collared around Ware’s legacy at Louisville.

On Oct. 26, Ware was pulled over for going 95 miles per hour in a 55 mile-per-hour zone. He was cited for reckless driving and speeding, and awaits a Nov. 25 court date. While the legal repercussions will result in Ware likely losing his license and a hefty fine, the NCAA will be his harshest critic.

The NCAA is notorious for levying steep penalties on student athletes not named Johnny Manziel. From threatening Boise State with lack of institutional control for letting potential recruits sleep on the floor in a dorm room, to ordering a West Coast Conference student athlete to pay the university $20 for using water to wash a car, the NCAA has never hesitated to overstep their boundaries to punish players.

When the NCAA caught wind of Ware being pulled over in a brand new Dodge Charger, licensed to a top flight business promoter Matt Case. One of Case’s top clients is the Louisville Alumni Association. The correlation is evident, and with the NCAA already facing staunch opposition from many pundits for their handlings of several situations this season it is unlikely that Ware will get a sympathetic pass.

Coach Rick Pitino made light of the situation by making a broken leg joke at the expense of his player’s error. These allegations against Ware could prompt an NCAA investigation into the program at large, and with Pitino not punishing Ware for his mistake he puts his program at risk. The Cardinals hung their NCAA Championship banner recently, and with dark clouds resting on the horizon could very well have to take it back down.

Jack Dooley is a Big 12 Basketball writer for Rant Sports. You can follow him on Twitter @JackDooleyOCS.

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