Frank Kaminsky Makes Wisconsin Badgers Very Dangerous Team

By Michael Terrill
Frank Kaminsky Makes Wisconsin Badgers Very Dangerous Team
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Junior Frank Kaminsky was never a player that was going to impress the crowd by going off on an opponent, although he has shown the ability to do so during his time with the Wisconsin Badgers. Obviously, the 2013-14 version of Kaminsky has the intentions of becoming a consistent offensive threat, which will make the Badgers a very dangerous team this season.

The 7-foot, 234-pound forward scored 43 points, which is a Wisconsin school record, in the team’s 103-85 win against North Dakota. He missed just three of his 19 shots from the field and knocked down all six attempts from beyond the arc. It was a dazzling performance that is sure to stick with the players and the fans as the Badgers march their way to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

“It’s a great feeling,” Kaminsky said, according to Badger Nation. “As a basketball player you want every shot to go in. When most of them are going in, it’s going to feel great. I can’t really describe it. It’s an awesome feeling looking back at the game now and looking at the stats.”

What is truly impressive about Kaminsky’s performance is that he was making baskets from all over the court. Most teams expect a guy his size to hover around the basket, but his ability to hit shots from anywhere makes him an incredible asset for Wisconsin.

The fact is the No. 12 Badgers have shown a lot of potential in their first four games. They are a team that plays unselfish basketball on both sides of the court. Clearly, their ability to spread the ball and knock down shots from anywhere really puts a hamper on opposing defenses.

It will be interesting to see how good Wisconsin’s offensive scheme, in which they bank on converting a majority of their three-point shot attempts, fares once they get into Big Ten play in January.

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