Is Marcus Smart Best Player In College Basketball?

By Ryan Wenzell

All the attention early on has been on guys like Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle, and Jabari Parker — the fab freshman. Someone who has been flying under the radar, however, is sophomore guard Marcus Smart.

The spotlight may once again be on him. The Oklahoma State Cowboy guard exploded for 39 points, and scoring was only one of the facets of the game in which he excelled. Smart did a little bit of everything by blocking shots, dishing to teammates, playing defense, and being a total team player last night.

Smart is the kind of player that gets just as excited when he sets a teammate up as he does when he scores. That’s an endearing trait for a player who looks like he is going to be a heck of a pro. Smart is a strong, bullish guard. He already has an NBA body, and when he goes into the paint against other guards he looks like a man among boys.

Star forward Kevin Durant was in attendance last night, and he looked thoroughly impressed. He claimed after the game that Smart was already ready for the pros, and it certainly looks like it.

This is as stacked a group of college players as I can remember. The talent is out of this world. It should make the college season and the NCAA tournament a fun time for players and fans.

Smart may not have the recognition as some of the biggest names, but he is certainly on their level in terms of talent and then some. Smart just asserted himself as the best player in college basketball.

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