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Top 10 College Basketball Coaches On The Hot Seat

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Top 10 College Basketball Coaches On The Hot Seat

Hot Seat
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Being the head of a college basketball program is no easy task. On top of recruiting, one is responsible for planning practices, game plans, executing those game plans, controlling substitutions, drawing up plays on the spot and winning games -- all while trying to keep your players and fellow coaches content. As you can imagine, many coaches aren’t up to the task.

Some coaches are known for their recruiting, but can’t persuade anyone to follow their philosophy. Some are great “x” and “o” guys, but can’t recruit for the life of them. Others are great in all aspects of coaching, win games at a decent clip, yet don’t make their players happy, which results in players transferring away.

Not every coach will turn out to be Mike Krzyzewski, John Calipari, Rick Pitino, Roy Williams or Bill Self. However, universities are quick to jump on potential superstar coaches, as evidenced by USC quickly hiring former Florida Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield soon after their improbable NCAA Tournament run. Currently, Florida Gulf Coast is 4-3, so it looks like Enfield got really lucky. His fortunes apply to his off-court life as well, as evidenced by his gorgeous wife who previously appeared on the cover of Maxim.

Every coach, with few exceptions, are held on a tight leash, and if they can’t produce wins and make or keep the program relevant, they’re gone. Here are 10 coaches that are currently on the hot seat right now. Most of the coaches featured come from the major conferences, where the necessity to win games is stressed the strongest. The good news for these guys: they most likely will have the rest of the season to prove they belong at their respective schools.

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10. Rick Barnes, Texas

Rick Barnes
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Current record: 7-1

With 537 career wins and having won under 20 games in a season just twice since his career at Texas began in 1998, Rick Barnes is on the hot seat. Last season, the Longhorns went 16-18, and it seems as though Barnes has lost some of his recruiting mojo. The days of Kevin Durant, T.J. Ford and D.J. Augustin are over, and the program is not currently in a good place. If he gains an NCAA Tournament berth this season, he can save himself. So far at 7-1, the Longhorns are having a good start to the season.

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9. Johnny Dawkins, Stanford

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Current record: 6-2

Johnny Dawkins has been inconsistent since his career at Stanford began in 2008, having records as good as 26-11 and as bad as 14-18. Since the Pac-12 is a relatively weak basketball conference, there is no reason why Stanford shouldn’t be a yearly contender to win the conference title. Last season, the Cardinal went 19-15. If they finish under .500, Dawkins might be fired.

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8. Brad Brownell, Clemson

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Current record: 7-1

In his first three seasons at Clemson, Brad Brownell has gone 22-12, 16-15 and 13-18. That is not a trend that Clemson fans wanted to see. Despite the struggles of the last two seasons, his overall coaching record of 225-131 indicates that he is a talented coach. However, he can be outed with another losing season.

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7. Jeff Bzdelik, Wake Forest

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Current record: 7-2

In his first three seasons at Wake Forest, he has gone 8-24, 13-18 and 13-18. Oftentimes, the fourth year at a school is the telling one, and so far at 7-2, the Demon Deacons have gotten off to a good start. But with a tough ACC schedule, Bzdelik can be gone after this season. His career record of 152-167 proves that he might not be worth keeping around.

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6. Craig Robinson, Oregon State

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Current record: 3-2

Since taking over at Oregon State in 2008, Craig Robinson has gone 18-18, 14-18, 11-20, 21-15 and 14-18. Now in his sixth season, a record above .500 might be the only way he can save his job, as he has been given more time than a lot of coaches get to prove himself.

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5. Oliver Purnell, DePaul

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Current record: 4-3

Oliver Purnell has a surprising 428 career victories as a college head coach. Unfortunately, most of them have not come since he’s been at DePaul. Since taking over in 2010, Depaul has gone 7-24, 12-19 and 11-21. Yikes. An improvement on those 11 wins is crucial if he wants to keep his job after this year.

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4. Ken Bone, Washington State

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Current record: 3-4

Ken Bone has led Washington State to the following records since he took over in 2009: 16-15, 22-13, 19-18 and 13-19. Currently sitting at 3-4 on the season, he might be on his way out the door if he can’t improve on last season.

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3. Ben Braun, Rice

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Current record: 3-5

Sporting an overall record of 461-397, Ben Braun has had a plethora of experience over the years. His time at Rice University, however, has not been pretty. Since he took over in 2008, Rice has gone 10-22, 8-23, 14-18, 19-16 and an atrocious 5-26 last season. Keep in mind that Rice plays in the Conference USA. Somehow surviving last year’s debacle of a season, Braun has to prove now more than ever that he can still coach.

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2. Tony Barbee, Auburn

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Current record: 4-2

12 players left Auburn since Tony Barbee took over three seasons ago. That’s as many SEC wins he has had in that time frame, when the Auburn Tigers have gone 11-20, 15-16, and 9-23 overall. Auburn might look at the difference that a coaching change can make by citing their football team’s recent success, and get rid of Barbee if the Tigers can’t compete this season.

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1. Mark Fox, Georgia

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Current record: 3-4

It has been a tale of two cities for Mark Fox’s coaching career. Beginning his head coaching career at Nevada, he went 25-7, 27-6, 29-5, 21-12, and 21-13, which was an impressive start. Then, when he took over at Georgia, the success kind of faded. Since taking over in 2008, he has lead the Bulldogs to records of 14-17, 21-12, 15-17 and 15-17. With three losing seasons in four tries, he might be out the door sooner rather than later. Stumbling so far this season against Georgia Tech, Davidson, Temple and Nebraska in consecutive games, Fox has a lot to prove, and his time at Georgia is certainly on the clock as of right now.