Kansas' Turnovers Main Reason For Loss

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
Kansas Jayhawks
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Dick Vitale said it best, it had been a while since we have seen a game with so many turnovers. The Kansas Jayhawks turned the ball over an astonishing 24 times in their loss to the No. 19 Florida Gators. In a game against a quality top 20 opponent, you cannot afford to turn the ball over that many times. The Jayhawks were lucky they only lost by six.

In the first half, it was all about the Gators’ zone defense. The Jayhawks couldn’t handle the pressure that the Gators were putting on. The Jayhawks were down by 18 at one point before cutting the lead to double-digits in the second half. If there was one positive for the Jayhawks, it was the shooting of Andrew Wiggins. On the road against a tough team, Wiggins splashed four three pointers and scored 26 points.

Obviously, if the Jayhawks want to be better, they can’t turn the ball over. Twenty-four is an extremely high number for turnovers and Bill Self was not happy with them. This is something teams are going to start doing against them. If they can, they are going to put pressure on the Jayhawks. The zone defense is what really got to them. For a young team, the Jayhawks are going to have to learn how to hang onto the ball.

This is a rough loss for the Jayhawks to take. But they must learn from it and get better. The turnovers must stop and they know that just as much as anyone.

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