Barry Hinson's Rant Is One For the Ages

By Robbie Marbury
Dave Weaver-USATODAY Sports

We have all had that moment where we lose our cool — that moment when you have just had enough of whatever it is that is bothering you. It could be incompetent co-workers, relatives, stupid people in general, frustrations with a sports team, children not listening, etc. In this case the frustration is that of Southern Illinois head coach Barry Hinson. He was upset because his team “won’t let him coach them,” and he let the world know in the most hysterical way ever. He went bananas, and of course it ended up on YouTube.

The loss that triggered this response from Hinson was the Salukis’ 73-65 loss to Murray State. In the rant Hinson mentions his team’s lack of rebounding due to heart, his guards playing badly, and his bigs playing badly too. He also mentions something about a Navy SEAL sniper. This rant literally has it all.

This rant from Hinson is different from previous rants from coaches. We all remember Denny Green stating “if you want to crown them, then crown their (expletive)” and Herm Edwards telling us all “you play to win the game… hello. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!”, but this rant is different. In this verbal explosion Hinson calls players out. Hinson mentions his guards, and calls them out on only having one assist and seven turnovers while saying “they must think (turnovers) are a tax credit.” This guy is hilarious. He attacks his team’s lack of rebounding by saying “I tell my wife all the time size doesn’t matter. When it comes to rebounding size doesn’t matter, it’s all about heart.”

I’m not going to lie; Hinson lost me a little in the beginning when he compares teenagers not playing through injury just because they get a scholarship to men and women who serve our country in the armed services. I really have no idea how the two even compare, but other than that inappropriate comparison Hinson is comedy-gold.

Some have mentioned that they wouldn’t want their kid to play for a coach that would throw them under the bus like Hinson did, but I think it’s incredible. He has obviously attempted to coach this team, and even mentions how whenever he tries to tell them something they put their heads down, so I guess this was his next approach — publicly calling them out.

I have no clue whether this will work or not, but I guarantee you I will be watching the next time SIU plays.

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