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20 Hottest Photos Of College Basketball Cheerleaders

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The Hottest College Basketball Cheerleaders Of 2013

The Hottest College Basketball Cheerleaders Of 2013
Dave Weaver - USA TODAY Sports

The College Basketball season is relatively young, and so too are the game's cheerleaders!

Fans of the sport know all about the girls on the sidelines as these cuties are constantly shaking their pom-poms and seem to always be grinning from ear to ear. In fact, there have been times when cheerleaders can be seen with large smiles even with their team down 30 or 40 points to the opponent! Of course, we can't be too hard on the fun-loving cheer girls considering their job is to keep the spirit inside the stadium alive and well.

Without cheerleaders, how in the world would a boring crowd of 50,000 people get pumped?! You see; these rah-rah girls are more important than you first thought.

Either way, some of the pom-pom shakers are more attractive then others and that's how RanterX comes into play. Cheerleaders aren't all made equal and it's important to scout the talent on the sidelines as well as the talent on the court. With that being said, here is a compact list of the 20 hottest cheerleaders that you can find roaming college basketball programs across the nation. Needless to say, this picture will give you all of the reason needed to never miss a halftime show again.


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No. 20: Colorado

Ron Chenoy - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 19: Duke

Mark Dolejs - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 18: Oregon

Kyle Terada - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 17: UCLA

Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 16: Florida State

Phil Sears - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 15: Marquette

Jeff Hanish - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 14: Miami

Steve Mitchell - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 13: Texas A&M

Troy Taormina - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 12: Providence

Mark L. Baer - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 11: Creighton

Dave Weaver - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 10: North Carolina

John David Mercer - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 9: Arizona

Kyle Terada - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 8: Texas

Troy Taormina - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 7: UCLA

Jayne Kamin-Oncea - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 6: Marquette

Jeff Hanish - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 5: West Virginia

Danny Medley - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 4: Arkansas

Brendan Maloney - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 3: Minnesota

Jim Cowsert - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 2: Louisville

Ron Chenoy - USA TODAY Sports
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No. 1: Oregon

Scott Olmos - USA TODAY Sports