Villanova Wildcats Can Enter Big East Play With A Bunch of Momentum

By Trevor Lowry
Villanova Wildcats
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Villanova Wildcats are off to a great start. They are undefeated and ranked in the top 10 and all. However, they can really enter Big East play with a bunch of momentum.

How you ask? Well, they can beat the Syracuse Orange, who are also undefeated and ranked in the top 10. The two teams will meet on Dec. 28.

Villanova has already beaten one No. 2 team in the Kansas Jayhawks. Syracuse is now ranked No. 2, so the team will have the chance to beat another No. 2.

With that in mind, the Orange have already played some tough competition and they rocked them all. They have key victories against Minnesota, California, Baylor, Indiana and St. John’s.

As for the Wildcats, they have beaten Kansas and Iowa.

No matter what happens in the showdown against Syracuse, Villanova should enter conference play as the team to beat. Marquette and Georgetown had that honor entering the season, but the Golden Eagles have five losses already and the Hoyas have three.

The Wildcats are the only team ranked in the Big East as of right now. As a result, you can definitely say that the conference took a huge hit from basically splitting into two over the offseason. Not to mention, some of the top dogs, including the Orange, switched over to the ACC.

Whether the case, Syracuse could be the toughest opponent that Villanova plays all season long. That just means the victory would mean all that much more and it would allow this team to enter conference play with a lot of momentum.

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