Louisville Cardinals Will Not Earn A No. 1 Seed This Season

By Trevor Lowry
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The Louisville Cardinals earned a No. 1 seed in last year’s NCAA tournament and ended up marching all of the way to the title game. In case if you have forgotten, they ended up winning that game. Well, a repeat is still not out of the question, but that No. 1 seed very well could be.

Louisville still has a pretty good record (12-2) and is ranked in the top 25. However, it has no quality wins on the season and the AAC is not the best conference in college hoops by any means.

Except for contests against North Carolina and Kentucky–lost both matchups–the Cardinals were not challenged in their non-conference schedule. That is not good news when it comes to their resume and earning a top seed in the upcoming dance.

There are currently three teams ranked in the AAC and Louisville is one of them.

I guess it could still earn a No. 1 seed if it went undefeated in conference play or close to it, but I am not so sure if that is going to happen. Both Memphis and Connecticut will challenge for a conference title and people cannot forget about Cincinnati. With that in mind, this is not the old Big East Conference.

Usually the winner of the old Big East would earn a No. 1 seed or could have at least made a great case to do so. You would think a No. 1 seed would go to each of these conferences: Big Ten, Pac-12 and ACC. Even the SEC has a chance at achieving that feat thanks to the Florida Gators and Kentucky Wildcats.

That leaves one–maybe none–No. 1 seeds up for grabs. There is nothing special about the Cardinals’ resume and they may have blown their chance to earn a top seed in the dance by losing to Kentucky two games ago. We will have to wait and see if that will actually be the case, though.

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