Arizona Wildcats Without A Doubt Best Team in Pac-12

By Trevor Lowry
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats made a joke of the Washington State Cougars. The final score was 60-25. The Cougars were 7-5 coming into this game. With such a great defensive performance, the Wildcats are without a doubt the best team in the Pac-12.

They have already beaten San Diego State, Duke, UNLV, New Mexico State and Michigan. Not to mention, they are currently undefeated at 14-0.

The Cougars weren’t expected to win the conference title or anything like that, but I am sure no one expected them to only score 25 points against the nation’s best team.

If Arizona plays like it did tonight–how it basically has played the entire season– for the rest of the year, no one is going to be able to beat it. That includes Colorado and Oregon, who are both ranked in the top 25. The Ducks are still undefeated.

Winning your first conference game of the season is always a huge momentum booster, but doing it the way Arizona did should have the rest of the Pac-12 worried. The Wildcats are arguably better than what people expected them to be. Did you expect them to be undefeated this late in the season? Well, I sure didn’t.

The team has been challenged quite a bit already, but apparently that means nothing to them because they have not been fazed whatsoever.

Arizona will take on Washington next. The Huskies are coming off of a victory against Arizona State. Can they beat two Arizona teams in back-to-back games? Well, if the Wildcats play like they have been all season long, there is no way. Regardless, that matchup will go down on Jan. 4.

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