North Carolina's James Michael McAdoo Needs Big Birthday Celebration vs. Wake Forest

By Jeremy Roth
James Michael McAdoo
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Today is North Carolina Tar Heels forward James Michael McAdoo‘s 21st birthday, and what better present than being successful on the basketball court? I mean, don’t all 21 year olds want to focus on basketball during their birthday weekend? Well, that’s beside the point.  Tomorrow, the Tar Heels take on Wake Forest on the road to open ACC play, and McAdoo needs to have a huge game if the team hopes to come out with a much needed victory.

An ideal birthday present for the 21-year-old would be the ability to play the way he has in the Tar Heels’ previous three games.  McAdoo scored 56 points combined in those games, which is not too shabby considering his shaky start to the season.  Another present that would be nice to open is an ability to shoot effectively from the free-throw line.  As of late, McAdoo has been shooting better and better from the line, but he hasn’t gone to the line as much as in previous games where he struggled.  Against ACC opponents, McAdoo will most likely shoot more free-throws than anyone else in the Tar Heels’ lineup, because opposing teams know that he struggles the most so as soon as he gets the rim he will be hacked.  If he can make about 70-75 percent from the line then that will be just enough to help the team be successful moving forward.

Nobody expected McAdoo to still be playing at the college level at this point, considering the forward was a projected first-round draft pick before his freshman season even began.  If he can continue to carry this momentum that he currently has throughout the rest of the season and into March, he will receive the best present any college basketball player can receive with an NBA contract.  McAdoo definitely has the talent, but he has yet to show his true potential.  He is finally beginning to show that potential, and it would be a gift to him and Tar Heel fans everywhere if he can continue to show it during the team’s ACC schedule.

It all begins tomorrow at Wake Forest, and all eyes will be on McAdoo.  I hope he enjoys his birthday today (but not too much), because tomorrow begins a long and tedious journey towards an ACC title.  Happy birthday, McAdoo!

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