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5 Reasons Why Duke Blue Devils Could Win National Championship

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Reasons Why Blue Devils Could Win National Title

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Not sure what happened to Jabari Parker yesterday, but his off-game was a big reason why the Duke Blue Devils were upset by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. There were, of course, other reasons, but Parker is naturally going to get most of the blame--win or lose. Regardless, this team is still elite and I will be giving you five reasons why Duke can win a national championship.

The Blue Devils must first rebound from their first loss in the ACC before they can even think about winning a title, but they should have no problem doing that against Georgia Tech next.

The ACC is stacked with talent this year and a number of different teams could win the conference title, but Duke, North Carolina and Syracuse have to be the favorites at this point.

From a national standpoint, Syracuse and Arizona are probably up there when it comes to winning the NCAA tournament. Both teams are ranked in the top two. I am sure teams like Michigan State, Wisconsin, Ohio State and Louisville are getting a lot of love in that department as well.

I figured this season would maybe have five elite teams and that is it, but there are currently way more than that. Other teams who should be considered in that department are Kansas, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Florida, Kentucky and I could go on and on.

There are plenty of very talented teams this season, which should make for an exciting March. I am sure some teams will separate themselves from the pack during conference play, though.

Well, let’s get back to the Blue Devils and why they can win the national title in the 2013-14 college hoops season.

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Jabari Parker

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You may have heard of Jabari Parker’s name a time or two. He is kind of the best freshman in the country and many would argue that he is the best player.

His numbers are pretty beastly. He is averaging a little over 20 points per game and near eight rebounds per game. Plus, he can shoot, drive and really anything for that matter. Parker is the best offensive player in college hoops and Duke is very lucky to have him.

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Lethal Scorers

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Parker clearly goes under this category, but he is not the only player on Duke who can put the basketball into the hoop at a high rate.

Rodney Hood is averaging 17.9 points per game and has had his fair share of great scoring performances. His latest one was against Notre Dame--dropped 27 points.

Quinn Cook is averaging 14.1 points per game.

I really wish Rasheed Sulaimon would get more playing time because he is one of the best shooters in college basketball and he could be a lethal scorer in the right role. That has not been the case this season, though.

Still, the Blue Devils have plenty of scorers on their team.

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Tournament Tested

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This is basically the case with the Blue Devils every single year because they always challenge themselves in their non-conference schedule and they play in the ACC.

Duke has already played Kansas, Arizona, Michigan and UCLA. The ACC consists of teams like North Carolina, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Virginia, Florida State, Pittsburgh and I am going to stop listing teams before I mention the entire conference.

The ACC is stacked this year and a lot of that has to do with three Big East teams joining.

Duke’s schedule will have it playing a variety of different teams this season and will have it more than ready for the Big Dance.

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Jabari Parker, Rodney Hood, Quinn Cook, Andre Dawkins, Rasheed Sulaimon, Amile Jefferson, Tyler Thornton and even Josh Hairston. All eight of those players play 13 or more minutes per game.

The starters are just as talented as anyone and Duke has players like Sulaimon coming off of the bench. I am not sure what is going to happen with him this season, but he did average 11.6 points per game as a freshman last year.

The Blue Devils can’t necessarily replace Parker if he gets into foul trouble, but what team could? Mike Krzyzewski has a number of great players he can put out there and that is the bottom line.

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Help From the Tournament Selection Committee

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This may be the biggest thing that could help Duke lift up the hardware at the end of the season. As much as some people may hate the Blue Devils, they seem to always land a great seed in the dance.

In most cases they are deserving of it.

Regardless, I am sure Duke will earn no worse than a No. 3 seed this year. This will lead to an easier path to the Final Four than teams with lower seeds, which will help it make the national championship.

No matter what the case, the Blue Devils’ talent cannot be denied. If they end up earning a No. 1 seed, they will easily be the favorites in their region. That tends to be the case with all No. 1 seeds.

So whether if you want to say that the tournament committee will be helping them out or if the Blue Devils are deserving of a solid seed in the dance, it should benefit them regardless.