Turnovers Lead to a North Carolina Loss in ACC Opener

By Jeremy Roth

Bottom line, the North Carolina Tar Heels were an absolute disaster in their ACC opener against Wake Forest. They were nothing short of horrible in every single category, and most of all, they committed way too many stupid turnovers in the 73-67 loss. The team committed 17 total turnovers, and it seems like they only committed them when they needed the ball in their possession. At the end of the game, they had an opportunity to tie the game only down three points, and they lost the ball thus losing them the game. For a team that has high hopes of winning an ACC title, they certainly did not play like it tonight.

Even though the Tar Heels played horribly, Wake Forest did play at the top of their game. They were lead in scoring by forward Travis McKie who had 16 points, and guard Codi Miller-McIntyre was second with 12. The Tar Heels provided little to no pressure on defense, even though they outrebounded Wake Forest 51-36. They had too many second chance opportunities that went to waste, and it was against a team that they were supposed to beat handily. Wake Forest may have had the same record coming in, but the Tar Heels had the momentum and definitely more than enough talent to win the game.

The Tar Heels leading scorer was James Michael McAdoo with only 13 points, and J.P. Tokoto along with Brice Johnson had 12. Yes, the team had a balanced attack, but that is not very efficient when nobody on the team gave much of an effort. Every player on the court in a Tar Heel uniform gave an equally poor effort in the game, and if they plan on being successful moving forward, they really just need to forget this every happened. The main reason why the Tar Heels played so poorly was because their supposed start point guard Marcus Paige had one of the worst games of his young career. Paige only had eight points on 3-12 shooting, which is well below what he capable of doing.

Johnson had a few monstrous dunks, as did McAdoo, but every time momentum was gained, it was followed by a turnover to lose it all. Luckily it is still early in the season, because the Tar Heels still have many games to gain that momentum back before March. This performance was unacceptable for one of the most profound college basketball programs in the nation, and hopefully head coach Roy Williams can knock some sense into them before their next matchup against Miami at home.

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