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5 Little-Known College Basketball Teams That Deserve a Top 25 Ranking

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Little-Known Teams That Deserve a Top 25 Ranking

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Teams like Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina and Duke will naturally be ranked in the top 25 every single year. All four teams have very storied programs and all four teams tend to get very talented recruits. What about the less known teams, though? Well, luckily for those teams this article will be looking at five little-known college basketball teams that deserve a top 25 ranking.

Teams like Toledo and Louisiana Tech could definitely make a case for being ranked, but neither team’s resume is all that appealing. Sure, both teams have great records, but the five teams that we will be talking about have arguably beaten tougher competition.

You will notice a trend here and that is the Atlantic 10. Once again, the A 10 is stacked with teams that could make the NCAA tournament. However, some of the conference’s teams could also be ranked in the top 25 right now.

These five aren’t the most unheard of schools to ever play the game, but they are definitely less known.

Four out of the five teams are playing in mid-major conferences, however, there is nothing mid-major about their games. The other one is in the AAC.

All five actually have a realistic shot of being ranked at some point in the season and some of these teams could be very close to achieving that feat.

Regardless, these teams do not stack up with the elite programs in college hoops in terms of expectations, hype and national attention in general.

Well, let’s get to them.

Read on to see five little-known college basketball teams that deserve a top 25 ranking.

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Dayton Flyers

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Dayton was actually ranked this season and it definitely deserves to be ranked again despite its recent loss to Saint Louis.

The Flyers’ other losses have come against Baylor, Illinois State and USC. However, they have beaten Gonzaga, California, Ole Miss (on the road) and Georgia Tech (on the road).

Dayton’s 1-1 record against top 25 teams is not too shabby.

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George Washington Colonials

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Yet another Atlantic 10 team.

George Washington has dropped two games in its last four, which does not help its case. One of those losses was to La Salle, who had a very disappointing non-conference season and the other was against Kansas State. Both losses came on the road.

The Colonials have beaten, Miami, Creighton, Maryland and Boston U.

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Harvard Crimson

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Harvard actually had a decent amount of hype entering the 2013-14 college basketball season. This is a team that has made the dance the past two seasons, but this could possibly be its most talented team yet.

The Crimson do not have the best resume in terms of quality wins, but their talent cannot be denied. Plus, both of their losses came against Colorado and Connecticut. Not to mention, both losses came on the road.

For what it’s worth, Harvard has beaten Green Bay, TCU, Boston U and Boston College. Boston College needs a miracle to make the dance and the same may be the case for TCU. However, Green Bay and Boston U could end up winning their conferences and earning that auto bid.

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SMU Mustangs

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SMU does not have a bad loss. The Mustangs lost to Arkansas on the road, to Virginia by three points and to Cincinnati on the road. All three of those teams have a legit shot of making the tournament and SMU played them tough.

Its best win came against Connecticut. If the Mustangs can somehow knock off Louisville on the road, they will more than likely be ranked.

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Saint Louis Billikens

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Saint Louis had a great season last year and ended up winning a very talented Atlantic 10 Conference. It could be just as good this season.

The Billikens have only lost to Wisconsin and Wichita State, who are both ranked in the top 10. They also only lost those contests by a combined score of 11 points.

Wins against Indiana State and Dayton help boost the resume, but you can bet that Saint Louis will compete for a conference title yet again and it really should make the upcoming tourney.