North Carolina Tar Heels' Week In Review (Jan 5-12)

By Jeremy Roth
Roy Williams
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This past week began the North Carolina Tar HeelsACC schedule and all hopes for success were high after ending non-conference play with three straight wins. However, all of those hopes quickly vanished after losing their first three games in the conference. This was not the Tar Heels’ week whatsoever. A team that entered conference play in the AP Top 25 is now far out of the rankings and looking up in the standings at teams that are far less talented than they are. This was the week from Hell for the Tar Heels.

First, on Sunday, the Tar Heels faced off against Wake Forest in their ACC opener and lost 73-67. Later in the week, they tried to redeem themselves against the Miami Hurricanes, but once again, came up short and lost the game by the score of 63-57. Just when they thought things couldn’t get any worse, the Tar Heels lost their third game of the week to No. 2 Syracuse by 12 points. In all of these games combined, the Tar Heels shot just about 35 percent from the field, and only made nine total three-point buckets out of an abundance of attempts. I mean, if a team can’t shoot the ball effectively, how do they expect to be successful? Watching the Tar Heels try to shoot the ball this week made me want to tear my eyes out. They could have built a house with all of those bricks.

James Michael McAdoo averaged 13.3 points per game in the three-game stretch, and he lead the team in individual scoring in two of the three. Although nobody on the team did well enough to win any of the games, McAdoo is beginning to step up and show his true potential, which is a good sign moving forward. Marcus Paige struggled immensely in the Wake Forest and Miami game, but picked up some of the slack against Syracuse with 15 points. Still, the Tar Heels need him to have big scoring games almost all of the time, or else the team will ultimately fold as seen in this past week. Joel James being back in the lineup from injury has had absolutely no effect on their performance, and the Tar Heel big men including him, Brice Johnson and Kennedy Meeks were all dominated in each contest tremendously. Every team, especially Syracuse, threw them around like rag dolls and always got their way whenever the ball reached the frontcourt.

The Tar Heels are now the only ACC team that has yet to win a conference game, and their overall record is at a mediocre 10-6. They pick back up again against Boston College on Jan. 18, and hopefully they can pull off their first win and gain a little momentum.

This was definitely a week to forget for the Tar Heels and Tar Heel fans, and at this rate, this is not the first week that we are going to want to forget.

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