UCLA's Kyle Anderson Should Be a First-Round Pick

By John Lloyd
Kyle Anderson
Russell Isabella- USA TODAY Sports

Regardless of how deep the draft class for the 2014 NBA Draft is, Kyle Anderson of the UCLA Bruins should be a first-round pick; he’s just that much of a nightmare matchup. In any other draft class, he would be a top-10 pick, but the sophomore might lose draft stock due to his lack of consistent shooting and quickness.

Anderson is a 6-foot-9 point guard who can guard almost any position on the court. He is not flashy in any way, but he knows how to find teammates and finish at the rack. If he can improve his shooting, like he did against the Utah Utes, there is no doubt that this guy can make a difference at the next level.

There has to be a team that wants a team-oriented point-forward in the draft, and Anderson is just that, an outstanding point-forward with great vision and ball handling skills. He runs an offense full of young shooters which should only help plead his case to be a first-round pick.

If he wants to add bulk, he can, but most teams will want him to work on his quickness more than anything.

On the season, Anderson is averaging 14 points, nine rebounds and six assists. Against the Utes, he had 10 points in the first half and finished with 28 to along with seven rebounds and seven assists. He tried to do too much in a loss against the Utes, but he was the only guy on the team making any shots. Despite his success, though, his team lost 74-69 in a tough battle.

John Lloyd is a Pac-12 Basketball Writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @JohnHLloydIII.

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