Ohio State Buckeyes Can Still Win Big Ten Title

By Trevor Lowry


Ohio State
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With four losses in Big Ten play already, it is not likely that the Ohio State Buckeyes will win the Big Ten title this year. Still, there is a chance of that happening. A small chance.

The Buckeyes finally won a game after losing four straight. The victory came against Illinois at home.

The biggest issue with Ohio State winning the conference title this year is pretty simple. Michigan State or Michigan could very well go undefeated. Although that is not likely to happen either, considering that the Big Ten is the toughest conference in college basketball, both team are still perfect.

If the Buckeyes can get on a roll, they still have a chance. They will play Penn State next, which should be an easy victory. No offense to the Nittany Lions, but they are 1-6 in conference play and 10-10 overall.

After that contest, it will get much tougher, but that is what the Big Ten is all about. Getting a break in the conference does not happen all that often and when it does, it only lasts maybe a game or two.

Thad Matta‘s team will then take on Wisconsin and Iowa. Winning those matchups would be huge, but both will be played on the road.

Even if Ohio State goes on a five-game winning steak or more, it will have to count on the Spartans and Wolverines to lose. Still, the winner of this conference is not going to be perfect.

This is a team that won its first 15 games of the season. It will need to pull off quite the run to actually win the Big Ten, but if it can somehow only lose no more than one more game, it may be in the running for the conference title at the end of the season.

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