Top 15 Games Left in Big Ten for 2013-14 College Basketball Season

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Top 15 Games Left in the Big Ten

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The Big Ten is arguably the best conference in college basketball. Luckily for the fans, Big Ten play still has a ways to go, which means they will get to see some great matchups. However, we will be looking at the top 15 games left in the 2013-14 college basketball season.

With that in mind, you are going to see some repeats for the simple fact that some teams still have to play each other twice. Not to mention, the top five to six teams in the conference are pretty clear right now. Maybe not the order of those teams, though.

Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Ohio State and Wisconsin should all make the dance this year. They have all been ranked in the top 10 at one time or another this season. Therefore, you will see these five teams featured quite a bit.

In fact, the only other programs that you will see in this article are Indiana, Minnesota and Purdue. Are there other teams in the Big Ten that still have some big contests left? Of course.

There really isn’t a dull moment in this conference, hence why it is arguably the best in the country. It is very competitive on a yearly basis and it has many national title contenders.

The powerhouse teams are naturally going to get more hype going into games. This is especially true when one powerhouse plays another powerhouse.

Well, with many matchups left, let’s take a look at the 15 best that still need to be played.

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15. Indiana at Minnesota Feb. 8

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This contest makes the list for the simple fact that both Indiana and Minnesota are on the bubble, which makes this a crucial matchup for both teams. Beating a fellow bubble team is one of the best things a team can do when trying to make the NCAA tournament.

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14. Indiana at Michigan March 8

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This is the last game of the season for Indiana--Michigan as well. Who knows what the Hoosiers’ record will look like a this point, but my guess is that they will still be on the bubble looking for another quality win.

Yogi Ferrell and co. are very talented, but the Wolverines still should be the favorites in this one, especially since they will be playing on their home court.

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13. Michigan at Indiana Feb. 2

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This is the first matchup between these two teams and although Michigan is the hottest team in the Big Ten, winning in Bloomington is not an easy thing to do.

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12. Ohio State at Indiana March 2

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I hope you are not sick of the Hoosiers yet because you are going to see them one more time.

Indiana makes this list so many times because it is a very storied program. It is also on the bubble and is one of the most talented teams in the Big Ten.

Sure, the Hoosiers are nowhere near as good as they were last season, but players like Yogi Ferrell and Noah Vonleh are going to keep them in the spotlight.

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11. Ohio State at Iowa Feb. 4

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The first matchup without Indiana--I swear I am not a Hoosiers fan.

Some people may be surprised by Iowa’s good start, but it did make the NIT championship game last season. The NIT is not the NCAA tournament and the Hawkeyes did end up losing to Baylor, but they brought back a bunch of talent.

Regardless, Ohio State is consistently one of the best teams in the conference and Iowa has the talent to win the Big Ten this year.

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10. Wisconsin at Iowa Feb. 22

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Like I said in the intro slide, there are going to be a lot of the same teams in this article. That tends to happen when a conference has five teams ranked in the top 25 and when those teams play each other quite often.

Roy Devyn Marble and Sam Dekker will be the biggest stars coming into this contest and whoever has a bigger game could end up leading his team to a victory.

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9. Wisconsin at Michigan Feb. 16

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The Badgers may already have three losses in the conference and could have more by the time they face Michigan, but they still have the talent to win the Big Ten.

Beating the Wolverines on the road is a must if Bo Ryan’s team wants to win the title, as Michigan is currently the only undefeated team in the standings.

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8. Indiana at Purdue Feb. 15

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I promise you, this will be the last time you hear about Indiana in this article.

Indiana and Purdue have a great rivalry. They do play in the same state after all.

Minnesota and Illinois are both on the bubble and could sneak into the dance, but this could be the most important matchup of the season when it comes to a Big Ten bubble team earning a huge victory over another Big Ten bubble team.

Although Purdue and Indiana play many opponents ranked in the top 25, this could be the most important matchup for both. It should be an exciting watch as well.

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7. Iowa at Michigan State March 6

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Although Michigan State was shorthanded in the first matchup, it was still a great game that ended up going into overtime.

The Spartans play tough at home, but that can be said about most teams in the Big Ten. This could be one of the most important matchups left in the regular season, as it is so close to the end and both teams could still be in contention for a Big Ten title.

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6. Ohio State at Wisconsin Feb. 1

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I really wish both teams were still undefeated, but the Big Ten can be very brutal.

Neither has been playing great as of late, but one thing is for sure. The winner between Wisconsin and Ohio State will be starting the month off right and will have another quality win on the resume.

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5. Michigan at Iowa Feb. 8

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The Wolverines have beaten three top 10 teams in a row, which includes a victory over Iowa.

Who knows if Michigan will still be undefeated in conference play when these two teams meet, but the Hawkeyes will be looking to avenge their loss and stay in contention for a conference title.

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4. Michigan State at Wisconsin Feb. 9

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These two will only meet once this season, which makes the matchup that much more important.

Both Michigan State and Wisconsin are good enough to win a title this year and either team could still end up with a No. 1 seed.

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3. Michigan at Ohio State Feb. 11

Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State was ranked as high as No. 3 this season and Michigan is climbing up the rankings at a very fast pace. Starting off Big Ten play with a 7-0 record tends to have that effect.

These two were expected to compete for a conference title when the season started and although the Buckeyes already have four losses, a winning streak could get them back on track.

Beating Michigan always helps as well.

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2. Michigan State at Michigan Feb. 23

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By now you have seen a lot of repeat games and many of the same teams. The top five teams in this conference are a no-brainer, though.

Nik Stauskas, Glenn Robinson III, Caris LeVert, Adreian Payne, Gary Harris and Keith Appling are just some of the players playing in this game. Talking about star power.

Who knows, maybe Mitch McGary will be back, although I highly doubt that.

Regardless, this contest could very well decide who wins the Big Ten regular season title. Yes, both teams will have a couple of games left after this one, but both are currently the two best in the conference. Not just in the standings, but in the talent department as well.

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1. Michigan State at Ohio State March 9

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Michigan State and Ohio State always battle it out. These two teams have some of the best matchups every single year and this season has been no different.

The Buckeyes forced overtime on the road against the Spartans at the beginning of the month and the rematch could be even more exciting.

Who knows if either team will be in contention for a conference title at this point in the season--Michigan State likely will be--but this should be an exciting game no matter what.

This year will be even more special since Aaron Craft will be playing in his final home game. Plus, Adreian Payne and Keith Appling will be playing in their final regular season game.

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