Temple Reaches New Low in Loss to SMU

By Brent Smith
Jim Cowsert- USA TODAY Sports

To say this season has been a failure for the Temple Owls would be a gigantic understatement, but even with that in mind it still didn’t add up that Temple could look as bad as they did Thursday night against SMU. Defense has been the reason for all of the losses so far this season and while it still had the struggles that remind you of a 5th grade basketball team, it was the offense that really stuck the dagger in. It is safe to say the Owls are as far away from success as you possibly can be at this point.

Dropping to 6-15 and 1-8 in the American Athletic Conference, the game against SMU was really a microcosm of what has plagued Temple all season. Horrendous defense mixed with rebounding that is worse than putting me out there with gloves on, and shot selection that Stevie Wonder could do better with. SMU arguably had one of its worst games of the season and yet Temple never really gave it a threat to be concerned about, never looked like it should be placed within the same city let alone basketball court. If there was any positive in this game it was Jimmy McDonnell hitting a three-point basket which likely doubled his career point total. Yes, one basket was the highlight of an entire two hour game for Temple.

So moving forward, you just hope that Temple can learn from its mistakes created in this game, but if it hasn’t learned in 21 games, you really can’t expect much moving forward. Lack of depth is a legitimate excuse and while the effort is still there, there is no disguising that right now the Temple Owls are just a really bad basketball team.

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