Oklahoma State Basketball: Did Marcus Smart Cost Himself First-Round Pick With Shove?

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
Marcus Smart
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

For Marcus Smart, the 2013-14 college basketball season could not have started any better. Smart was playing for a top 10 team with the Oklahoma State Cowboys and he was being praised for staying in college an extra year. Lately, however, his play has dipped and his stock has fallen. After Saturday night, his play won’t be the only thing people are talking about.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders were up two points when they got a steal. Smart came back on defense and made a great block, falling into the stands while doing it. After being helped up by a Texas Tech fan, Smart got in the face of an elderly gentleman. After the man mouthed something to Smart, he shoved the man and received a technical fan.

This is bad news for Smart. It is bad news when a player gets involved physically with fans. We all remember what happened to Ron Artest during the infamous “Malice At The Palace.” Artest was suspended 86 games and many could argue that he was never the same.

As for Smart’s draft stock, it has fallen dramatically before this incident. Now with a suspension definitely coming, you can expect his draft stock to fall even further. I wouldn’t be surprised to see to Smart fall out of the first round all together. He is now going to have the reputation of being a hot head and not being mentally fought.

What the man said to Smart is unknown at this time, but it does not excuse him for what he did. Smart cost himself a lot of money by making a dumb mistake.

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