Indiana Hoosiers Beat Themselves in Loss to Minnesota Golden Gophers

By Eric Smith
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It was the same old song and dance for the Indiana Hoosiers Saturday night. Play a phenomenal first half and look like the clear better team, then falter in the half that counts. Unfortunately, time is running out for Indiana to allow this to keep happening.

Lead by 16 points in the first half on the road against Nebraska.


Lead by 13 points in the first half tonight against Minnesota and dominate every facet of the game.


When is this going to end? Indiana has no one else but themselves to blame for second half collapses on the road. They had 11 of their turnovers in the second half tonight in front of a sold-out Williams Arena. The Hoosiers became errant with the ball in the second half and neglected big man Noah Vonleh again.


For over half of the final 20 minutes of play, Vonleh had one shot.


When Indiana started getting him involved in the game again, he shined like always. When are they going to realize he needs the ball nearly every possession? Especially the second half.

Then, when are they going to slow down and maximize every possession? Why do guys start off hot then they fail to get them the ball as well?

Stanford Robinson had 10 first half points against Nebraska during the last road game. Second half?


He was 4-for-5 shooting in the opening half. Why did he only shoot the ball three times after being so good in the first half? Why didn’t Indiana get him the ball more?

Then tonight, Troy Williams was the Robinson. He had Indiana’s first nine points of the game. All nine of those came in the first 3:54. He was 3-for-4 over than span. What was he since? A measly 1-for-2 with two points. How on earth do you take the ball away from a hot shooter? He had nine points in just under four minutes and you only get him two more shots the remaining 36?

Reality is, Indiana isn’t a very well-coached team on the road. They keep beating themselves. They don’t get the ball to the guys that have hot hands and the other playmakers.

This type of effort will get them bounced in the first round of not the NCAA Tourney, but the NIT.

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