Jeff Orr Should Be Banned From Texas Tech Athletics

By Brian Kalchik
Marcus Smart Shoved Texas Tech Fan Jeff Orr
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The interaction between athletes and fans was greatly tested last night. Oklahoma State‘s Marcus Smart shoved a fan after he committed a hard foul late in their loss to the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Jeff Orr, the Texas Tech fan who was identified as the one who taunted Smart, allegedly said a racial slur towards Smart, causing the guard to shove Orr. For this and other previous actions at Red Raiders’ games, Orr should be banned for life from any further Texas Tech athletics event.

Every high school and college in America is filled with plenty of passionate and loyal fans that do their part each and every night to help their team come out victorious. Most of the time, these fans are respectful and display good sportsmanship throughout an entire athletic event. On the other hand, Orr yesterday became not only a nuisance to the Red Raiders’ basketball program, but brought considerable embarrassment to a great university. Unfortunately, this is not the only case when Orr acted poorly at a Red Raiders game.

Against former Big 12 rival Texas A&M in 2010, Orr made obscene gestures towards Texas A&M’s Bryan Davis after he scored a buzzer beating dunk in the first half. Smart’s actions were just as bad in this episode, as it is always wrong to put your hands on any fan, but Smart should be forgiven for this given what was said towards him. Smart will be facing a suspension for this incident and an accumulation of bad on-court behavior, but Orr’s punishment should set an example for every major university that poor fan behavior is unacceptable and be swift to enough to deter this type of behavior from happening again.

Given his history of poor behavior towards opposing athletes, Orr should be banned from all future Texas Tech athletic events.

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