Iowa State-West Virginia Karate "Fight" Was Overblown, But Video Still Funny

By RanterX

The Big 12 college basketball game between Iowa State and West Virginia was a snoozefest on Monday night as the hometown Mountaineers trounced the visiting Cyclones, 102-77. However, we did see some fireworks late in the second half when Iowa State’s Dustin Hogue executed a perfect karate kick into the chest of West Virginia’s Kevin Noreen that resembled what you might see on a video game like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighters for those of you old enough to remember those games.

We’re not really sure what Hogue was thinking or how he avoided ejection, but he was very lucky he didn’t receive more than a Flagrant One for that kick, especially since the game was already out of hand when it happened. Had it not been for the blatantly obvious foul at the end of the play and/or the refs had seen the kick happen when it did, Hogue might have been ejected on the spot. One thing is for sure: Those in attendance got some amusement out of it because the game definitely wasn’t providing any entertainment.

Karate kicking is typically grounds for automatic ejection and possibly even worse punishment in most sports, so the fact Hogue got away with this is incredible. Well, the members of the Mountaineer faithful probably don’t agree, but what do you expect?

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